“Effective contract management provides a number of benefits which are often underestimated by organisations. To realise those expected benefits it is essential that sound contract management and monitoring practices are applied throughout the term of a contract” says South Australia’s Auditor-General.
South Australia’s Auditor-General has tabled in state parliament a scathing report into the Local Government Association of South Australia’s (‘LGASA’) […]

The importance for having sufficient contract management skills and systems in place for managing contracts is emphasised by the Queensland Audit Office

Deficiencies in governance arrangements and contract management systems hindered the audited departments’ ability to plan effectively for contract expiry. By not flagging in advance that a contract was due to expire, the department did not give themselves enough time to plan for contract expiry and was more likely to extend without confirming that the current arrangements were achieving value for […]

Local Government Association highlight the benefits of investing in contract management capability and urge councils to take contract management seriously

“The pressing need to find savings means many councils are exploring new ways of commissioning and delivering services. Councils need effective contract management to ensure they maximise both the opportunities and the potential savings these bring” says the Local Government Association of London.

A 2013 Local Government Association London (‘LGA’) report ‘Making savings from contract management’ has found that councils who […]

Contract management capability requires an investment in developing an appropriate contracts governance framework

Effective contract management requires an appropriate contract management framework that addresses governance arrangements, skills, roles and responsibilities, and policies and procedures” says the New South Wales Auditor General.

A 2014 Auditor General’s examination into six agencies telecommunications performance ‘Making the most of government purchasing power – telecommunications’ has found that all but one agency reviewed could demonstrate they achieved value for […]


Our mission is to provide all the tools, people, and knowledge that an organisation needs to develop more mature, capable and disciplined contract governance.

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