The new age of contract management software has arrived. Introducing TRACPro – the innovative contract governance solution specifically tailored to the needs of local government.

In an operational environment where you are under increasing pressure to do more with less, TRACPro offers you the latest in cloud-based contract management and compliance tools. Read More.

Outsourced Contract Management Services

Are you getting all the expected cost savings and benefits from your service contracts?

Would your contract managers benefit from having an extra set of eyes or a helping hand in times of need from a legally qualified contract management professional?

What we offer

Govology offers a range of outsourced contract management services to ensure your management teams maintain a high degree of confidence in the organisation’s capacity to get the most from their contracts.

We provide specialist contract management services to support your contract managers with managing their contractual responsibilities and accountabilities throughout the contract lifecycle. We do this through:

Contract Governance Framework

Managing key contract management activities through TRACPro

Providing a detailed contract management plan at contract commencement

Providing monthly or quarterly performance and compliance reports

Representation at operational meetings

Executive and senior management annual updates

Dispute resolution and legal services